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onsdag 13. februar 2008 23:21

Arendal Kayak Club is located on the southern coast of Norway, about 70 km North-East of Kristiansand (nearest airport). The clubhouse is located about 1 km west of the town centre not far from the outlet of Nidelva River, and contains storage facilities for Kayaks, gym and showers/locker rooms. We are very lucky to have more than 35 kayaks, paddles and spray skirts that can be used by our members all year round.

At present we are around 350 members enjoying the sport of kayaking, and the club arranges different types of courses for our members. All beginners are encouraged to take the beginner course, which especially concentrates on safety and rescue operations. 

We have a little group training for competitions in the summer, but most of our members are recreational paddlers enjoying the fantastic nature this part of Norway has to offer.

Contact Information:

If you want to join AKK, please contact Sture Rasmussen

To sign up for a beginners course, please contact Inger Bergmann

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